Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've spoken about vengeance and how it isn't mine but the Lord's. And many times, I've faced temptation to seek revenge on someone who has caused me much pain, but then, I am reminded that you cannot really avenge yourself, unless you leave it to God. So last week, when I was told that someone's misdeeds are finally surfacing, I couldn't help but give God the glory. Not that I want this person to suffer, but truly, any sin that is hidden eventually reveals itself.

I can only pray that this person will learn from this. Sometimes, when you live in sin, you become too comfortable with it. You swim in it like a pig swims in mud. Relaxed ka lang. And you forget that you are in a sty. Until you reach that point where you don't see it as sin anymore. This particular person immersed himself in his sin. So much so that he has justified it as "doing good".

Good luck, pare. I wish you well. You're gonna need it.

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