Thursday, February 18, 2010


I received a rather amusing invite when I visited my Facebook account today (well, I saw it today!). An old middle school schoolmate of mine, in all humor, invited me to join a group called KKK. Can you guess what it stands for? KKK - Kapisanan ng mga Kontra Kabit! LOL!

So I checked out the group over lunch and behold! Over a hundred members in just a few days... yes, amusing group indeed. Discovered a few news articles I can relate to. A blog entry from Gel Santos-Relos is one. Check out the article here on "Why Women Stand By Their Man Despite..." Also discovered (I haven't had much time to browse the web for news or catch the news on TV) that a supposedly cheating husband in Tuguegarao wasn't as lucky as R. Check out the GMA News article here. LOL!

I think I will hang around and see what else this group can offer. Besides, I need a little humor in my life.


In other news, the supposed post-V-day dinner failed to materialize. Well, in a way. R ended up having dinner with us at home today. Leftovers from yesterday's Pasta night. I guess he misses dinners at home. :P He spent half the time lecturing us on A's bedtime schedule. I told him he was getting old as he is now the nag in our family. Yea, and what a nagger he is!

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