Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiger Woods and Infidelity

Got to watch Inside Edition today, while waiting for my little boy to fall asleep. So I got a snippet of an update to the Tiger Woods Controversy. Apparently, it doesn't involve just one woman but lots. I cannot help but see parallels to this story with R's.

Collecting women. Do you know how bad it really was (or I don't know, is, maybe... who knows?) for R, with his womanizing? I was going through emails with my good friend M just last week and stumbled upon a few emails dating way back 2007 where R would write woman after woman, asking them to "wait for him" (he was in the US then) as he was supposedly working his butt off in the US for them. I cringe at the thought and attempt to picture what was going on or how he figured he'd manage fooling all these girls! M had a great laugh with those emails. A number of them were sent to around 5 girls in a single day! With R promising them the moon, the stars and the heavens, all at the same time. Hit or miss, I guess. Who knows?

Ego. So we were trying to figure out how anyone could manage liking more than one woman all at the same time. "He must be a nymphomaniac, K!" M says, snickering. "Sure, a schizo-nympho," we concluded. Bottomline is, it all boils down to pleasing the ego. Boy, R sure must be one insecure dude (read: two inches, guffaw!).

It is the same, I suppose, with Tiger Woods. With his fame and fortune, why he seems to be so unsure of himself is beyond me. To think his wife's a knock-out! What made him go for all these hoe-looking women and getting a few pregnant even! (This is according to Inside Edition, so don't quote me, LOL).

It is the same question I ask when it comes to R. He had everything. I may not be stunning like all the other women (hey, not all of his women were beautiful, no!) but I can proudly say I was a good wife. And he really did have everything (let me say it again) because when he was here, he really didn't spend for anything. And yet, he went looking for fun elsewhere. So look at him now. He doesn't even have a car. He is practically a parasite at his brother's. He doesn't have his kids around. Kids who adore and love him unconditionally at that. Is he happy? I KNOW HE ISN'T.

More to Lose. Really. Men who cheat on their wives and kids have more to lose. Wow. You there, you didn't know that (points to cheating husband reading this blog)? Look at me (sure, I still feel sad at times), I can honestly say I, along with other wives, am happier than R or the cheating hubby. I came out stronger. Wiser.

Infidelity may be a tsunami to emotions, a big storm to marriages. But look who's left standing after the storm! Elin Woods may be devastated. But Tiger Woods can lose millions (and his kids) to a nasty divorce!

Nope, It isn't true that the wife loses most. Plus, God is always closest to the brokenhearted. So chances are, the wife will most likely come out victorious. ;)


  1. The same parallelism occurred to me at the time! LOL....

    And insecurity DOES have something to do with it. I created a similar note, it's attached to my name as a link.

    BTW...if you're up to hearing an anecdote I picked up on New Year's Eve...drop me a smiley at FB...LOL...:-)


  2. Chris, I wasn't quite sure if you wanted this published. Let me know if you want me to delete it. :) Can't read your FB note though. I think it's not shared. :)

  3. Sorry...overlooked my privacy settings there.

    Re-posted it somewhere it is....

    WARNING: Don't read if you are happily married.... Hahaha


  4. I love it! I'm gonna write a post on your post. Relate it to the R experience. LOL!

  5. Any time, K. Watch the Tiger apology ?,220808

  6. i couldn't agree more. kudos to you, mommy kaye!


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