Saturday, February 20, 2010

Useless J*rk!

I don't know why I even thought he'd be willing to help out. I must've eaten something to make me even think he'd go out of his way to be a good father. Last night, I texted R to let him know about the whole situation with the nanny. And what did he have to say?

"Pahanap ka sa mommy mo ng bagong yaya."

"I did, R. So just in case I don't find one by the end of the month, can you maybe babysit the baby while I'm at work?" I replied.

No reply. I tried calling, but he didn't pick up. After a couple of tries, his phone was off.

So this afternoon, I called him and asked about him taking care of the little one, just in case.

He barks at me: "Hindi pwede! Hindi pwede! Madami akong ginagawa! P*t*ng-*na!"

Goodness. I am not asking for the world. I am asking if maybe he can spend some time with his son, while I slave away to provide for our kids. He doesn't even do anything! He doesn't even have a job! All he does is... well, I don't know what he does. He spends time at the gym. Then I don't know what else. Sleeps all day and around, I guess. But nothing as important as working for your children's benefit. He doesn't even give his kids anything.

So forget it. R, do whatever you want. Other fathers would give up everything just to be with their kids. You, well you just weren't cut out to be a dad. So let's not go on pretending they mean anything to you. Sure, you get guilty at times and play the better parent. I used to think you were the better parent. But it's just not true. And yes, C was right when she wrote that if men loved their kids, they'd do all that they can to provide good homes for them (and that includes staying away from infidelity!).

So yes, forget it. You can stay as far as you want to from your kids. Better not to have you around and be a bad example to them. I want my son to be anything but like you! I see so much of you in A already and I still have a chance to set things right while she's young. Go. Do your thing. God will take care of us!

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