Saturday, February 6, 2010

All Sorts

Spent the day at the Xavier School Fair. Lotsa people. All sorts of kids. Believe me, all sorts. My friends and I were tasked to man a booth at the bazaar. I overheard my friend R ask his girlfriend J, "Were you like that when you were in highschool?" Then he laughed.

I looked up to see a group of girls having their photos taken at the photobooth. Young girls, about 10 or 11 years old. One had make-up on, the other chewed gum noisily as she tried on a tiara. Then as I got up to buy "chits" for A at the ticket booth, a fat (ok, scratch that, healthy nalang) girl, about A's age, bumps into me and mutters "Loser!". I looked back, and only managed to roll my eyes at her.


Kids nowadays! Where did respect for elders go? Ok, ok, so maybe it's because I looked like a kid? :P

Meanwhile, I lost A after lunch to my cousin's son. They rode the rides together. Later, I found out that my nephew was embarrassed by the fact that he was made to baby-sit A in front of his friends. LOL! He was being nice to A, but I could see how he was just being nice. Hehe. Poor J.

So we stayed 'til late and started packing up in time for dinner. Another day at the fair tomorrow. What sort of kids will tomorrow bring? Ay-ya!

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