Friday, February 19, 2010


Our new nanny of 3 months just told me that she will be leaving us by the end of THIS month to pursue her studies. (No! Not when our little boy is already sooooo attached to her).

She was our old nanny's cousin, and she previously stayed with an aunt somewhere in Pasig. Their aunt promised to send her to school, but she became their maid for one whole year. Maid with no salary or allowance. 500 pesos for Christmas. C'est tout. Promise forgotten.

So she "escaped" to another cousin's household where she became her cousin's kids' nanny. Still no salary or allowance. Celphone load occasionally. C'est tout.

After Ondoy, during which the cousin's home was not spared, she again "escaped" to my then nanny's home in Bulacan. One month, doing nothing, washing clothes on weekends and still without pay. So my nanny thought it'd be a swell idea to have her cousin replace her as nanny here.

And she was a great nanny. My son adored her after a mere few days with her. Now she wants to leave. Because according to her, her aunt's daughter doesn't want her to be a nanny, and gave her a lecture about leaving the aunt. And eventually gave our new nanny a renewed promise for sponsoring her schooling this coming semester.

Our nanny obviously took the promise, and told me tonight that she's officially leaving us. This, in spite of a good salary, perks and all (hmmm, should I take back her Havs?). Of course I cannot force her to give up a chance at fulfilling her dream.


But I don't know what to do. Where will I find a nanny I can fully trust, rely on, AND like (hehe) on such short notice? Sigh.

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