Sunday, February 28, 2010

Staying Home Today

We were getting ready to go to Eastwood for lunch when, of all days, my daughter A decided to throw a tantrum. It pains me whenever she starts acting up because it normally takes her hours to get out of the mood and into the groove. It's a once a week thing here at home. And maybe she does need the attention since she practically had all the attention the past 7 years, only to have to share it when baby R came into the picture.

That, plus, when R lived with us, she was his baby. He spoiled her rotten. So much so that when he disappeared from her everyday life, she was the one who had to deal with the loss more than I had to.

So it's a struggle. We're now down to once a week. It used to be worse. So yea, we're getting there. But wooh! The pain of having to deal with it. Sometimes, I have no patience left over.


So today, we're staying home and taking a break. Tomorrow's another day.


Meanwhile, the new nanny came last night. My helpers have their reservations. And I must say, so do I. For starters, as A pointed out, "She has no front teeth, Mom!" (Thought Bubble: How much are dentures anyway?) But yea, we have to get over the 7-day itch and see how it goes. She seems to do well with the baby and A anyway. So yea, we'll see.

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