Monday, February 15, 2010

Frozen Hotdog

I bought a kilo of TJ Cocktails from the coop last week. We haven't had red hotdogs for quite some time. So when A saw it in the freezer last night, she wanted some. But I was too lazy to cook. It was past bedtime, and I was getting ready for bed. But no, she wanted one. She was hungry daw. Fine, I told her to go eat it frozen (which was really a joke). And she did!

I thought I was the only one in my immediate family who bothered eating frozen hotdogs. Apparently, my daughter takes after me. So I had one as well. And reminisced the good ol' days when my cousins and I would have frozen red hotdogs under the big Indian Mango tree at our grandparents'. Ah! Frozen hotdogs and childhood memories of carefree days when all we did was talk about Voltez-V and Candy-Candy or whatever it was that was on tv.

If only life was just as problem-free today...


  1. Sarap kaya ng Frozen Hotdogs.. hehehe

    love it when I was a kid.. tamad kasi si brother ipagluto din ako hehehe..

  2. Cool! Frozen Hotdogs are the bomb. Best when hungry and lazy, hehe.


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