Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Battle with Patience

No. This does not involve R. Although, he has tested my patience more than I can count. LOL. This is about someone else.

A friend owes me money. It is not grand, for I do not have so much. But in my eyes, it is big enough. Well, because I work hard for my money, and money doesn't come easy (nor does it grow on trees - just had to say it, but we all know that already). So anyway, this friend owes me money. And it has been 8 months now. Over the holidays, I sent her a text to remind her about it and asked if I could collect the debt, given that it has been so long. And she said she will let me know once she has made the deposit.

A month passed, and no text. So I sent her a reminder. And I was given a specific day. The day came and went. Still no deposit. I texted the day after the supposed day, and she replied with "I lost your account details. So sorry, please text back. Will pay tomorrow." And of course I texted asap. But didn't hear from her after. It was the same the next day. And the next. And the next. I wondered if it was polite to ask for it again. I didn't want to disrespect her. After all, she is the mom of my little brother's friend. I asked my not-so-little brother for advice, and he suggested I call. So I did. I gave her a call early this week. And she promised "Tomorrow, Sweetie. Tomorrow."

And tomorrow came and went. And the next, and the next. Because my phone broke Wednesday morning, I couldn't call or text her. So I let Wednesday and Thursday pass. Today, I went to the bank to check on my account. Still no sign of the deposit.

I am frustrated. I texted her again tonight. Called her even. But she missed my calls. All my calls. She didn't even bother texting me back, nor did she bother to return my calls. I wrote her a lengthy message on Facebook, then decided against pressing 'Send'. I so want to hurl angry words at her (I am frustrated, gimme a break!) by saying all the things that come to my head. But I just cannot find it in me to do so.

I hope she sees the grace God has given me to deal with her and the situation she has placed me in. Besides, I wouldn't ask her for the money if I didn't need it in the first place. I do not wish to deal with this patiently, but I am left with no choice. Some people just come with a tags that say"EGR -Extra Grace Required". So please, help me, God. I need Patience with this one!


  1. Better make your collection soon. From experience in collection suits, chances for collection get slimmer the longer a debt remains unpaid. It is easier to collect something that is overdue for a month than one that has been overdue for 3 months.

    And as a rule of thumb, I tell my friends not to mix financial issues with our friendships. Money always has a way of ruining a friendship. Unless you treat the loan as a donation. LOL...

    Just a thought I'd like to share....

  2. Thanks, Chris! I was able to collect, but in post-dated checks. Better that than nothing, at least I can sue if the checks bounce. Hehe. Thanks!


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