Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Househelp Woes

Today, one of my trusted helpers left us. She woke me up to let me know that she was taking a break from work. She goes to school somewhere north of the city and has to commute to and fro every single day, excluding Saturdays, but yes, including Sundays! She is on her final leg in college, but needs to work for the money. I didn't really want to hire her at first, but was left with no choice when our former nanny left suddenly when she gave birth to her second-born. She is actually her little sister.

So because I thought I was helping someone in need, I hired her. I was told that because my former nanny had to stop working, no one would be helping her sister with financial needs (read: tuition and miscellaneous expenses). So yes, I was willing to help out, even if it meant I'd be spending more each month on salaries, food, etc.

All along, I thought she was okay. Each day, I'd ask if she was tired and understood when sometimes, she'd go straight to bed instead of washing the dishes or say, doing the laundry. But I suppose that wasn't enough consolation for her. I gave her transportation allowance to cover her commute expenses. Gave her a monthly salary, even if she provided less than a half day's work. Alas, you can't please them all. Sigh.

Then to top it off, I found out that my former nanny used up my baby's milk and diapers over the holidays (she stayed over with her kids while A and I were out of the country). Yes, used those on her own daughter. I mean, I don't mind at all. I understand her situation and her need (now that she doesn't have work, not to mention an irresponsible boyfriend!) but I wished she told me and I didn't have to find out some other way. I was wondering why that case of Promil got used up in less than a month, when my little boy normally uses up a can a week. Double sigh.

Then my new nanny got to chat with one of my aunt's helpers and found out that the other helper gets paid a 5-digit salary. So of course she felt sorry for her measly salary, and expressed her desire to leave come June. For school, she says. But hello, my aunt's helper has been with my aunt all of 17 years! And my new nanny has been with us, what? a good 2 and a half months! Ha-ya! Besides, she needed work. She was referred by her cousin, my former nanny, and got promoted to nanny only when her cousin left. Haaay. :(

It's funny. You try to be nice to people and yet, you can't please them all.


  1. awww.. maybe thats the reason why I didnt get a replacement asap after my last yaya... =( it just hurts me that I care alot for them and yet... hay long story.

    Im happier now that There's no maid at home, no yaya.. just us..

    but of course your kids are small pa.. and you are working with no partner to help out.. You still need a helper.. I hope you find a great one soon.

  2. My helper T came back. But she's in school every day, including Sundays, so she can't be with the baby during the day. Worse comes to worst, I shall take my little boy to work. LOL! My mom says we'll play it by ear, and that she might be able to babysit. You offered your services too, right? Hahaha!


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